Liekku ry is a Joensuu-based peer association which was established in 2005. The purpose of the association is to distribute information to parents about baby and child care, aiming at strengthening the position and welfare of children and families.

Our association wants to promote attachment parenting in our society.

The word Liekku is Karelian dialect and means a swing and a child's cradle.

Peer groups

  • Family venue. Hustle and bustle by a cup of coffee. Whether you are missing somebody to talk to or needing peer support, you can find it with us! 
  • Discussion about the joys and challenges of parenthood. The group tackles the themes and values which are rarely talked about when discussing parenthood.
  • Peer groups for pregnant women and their spouses, people who are otherwise interested in pregnancy, and all parents of (young) children. You can meet people in similar situations and get support in parenting.
  • To share information about breastfeeding according to the mother to mother-principle and to strengthen positive attitudes towards breastfeeding in our society. We seek to promote the WHO's recommendations of 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding and partial breastfeeding until 2 years. In the group we discuss the theme of the day informally and share the joys and sorrows of the life of families with children. Welcome all pregnant mothers with spouses, mothers and fathers as well as babies and bigger kids.

You can come to the groups as a family. However, sometimes there might be exceptions because of topics that may not be suitable for children. The peer support groups are led by mothers or professionals.

The groups meet at Perheentalo in the center of Joensuu (Rantakatu 15, next to the Arts and Crafts quarter) Wednesdays or Thursdays from 17:00 to 19:00. The groups are free and open to all. Participating in the group activities does not require Liekku membership. NOTE! You can arrive late and leave earlier. Group themes can be found here (only in Finnish) 




Riekku:  'Sports club' for members only. Riekku meets during the school semester, on Tuesday evenings at 17-18 in Lehmo school (Kylmäojantie 6).

Käsikkäät: A sewing group for making do-it-yourself = DIY diapers. The meetings are agreed separately on the Liekku discussion forum.


Values and goals

The most important value of Liekku ry is respecting the child’s own pace, which includes the understanding of the child as an equal member of the family and society. We seek to promote respect for children and children's rights. The core values include tolerance and an open attitude to different families. Parents are encouraged to seek and implement their own kind of parenthood.

The goal of Liekku ry is to provide peer support for challenges in parenting and the choices and solutions of everyday life. Liekku ry also aims to promote breastfeeding and to increase knowledge about it and a positive attitude towards it in our society. In addition, we provide information about attachment parenting, ecological choices for families, active birth and the use of baby slings/carriers and cloth diapers.

Liekku ry shares information, knowledge and support that parents do not often get elsewhere.


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